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Once you read sentences 2 and three, return and check out the notes—you should observe that the notes provided the data I want, and all sorts of I must do here’s transform it into reasonably smooth sentences. This is an excellent illustration of the way the writing process works: I’m able to gather ideas and evidence first, without having to worry about sentences i then can take shape decent sentences without having to

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worry concerning the ideas or evidence.

Observe that this 4th paragraph starts using direct quotes, as the preceding sentences used summary or paraphrase—that provides both some variety and a few efficiency. Also observe that I’m just running my eyes through White’s essay when i go, not just obtaining evidence, but additionally letting him perform some of my writing.

You may notice within this paragraph the way i blend quotes into my very own sentences for both efficiency as well as for an easier flow. It can possibly produce the desirable illusion that White-colored and that i are writing together, so my readers may have more confidence within my conclusions about White’s essay.

some variety and

This sentence discusses how White-colored pulls together his essay in the finish, however the sentence also pulls my answer together. Observe how it senses the important thing products from the original question.



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