Essay sample on Anti GMO Campaigns

Essay sample on Anti GMO Campaigns

Despite the successful tests and even the rapid spread of genetically modified organisms, it is no hidden fact that quite a number of people and companies from various parts of the world have been secretly and even openly conducting numerous anti-GMO campaigns. Quite a number of people across the world have over the years been involved in campaigns against the production of genetically engineered foods citing various reasons. Several campaigns that have been run against genetically modified organisms seek to ensure that the production process is stalled until the concerns of those against it are addressed.

Various approaches have been used over the years by anti GMO crusaders. There has been an outcry directed to companies involved in the production of genetically engineered foods to stop keeping the public in the dark.

A number of the anti GMO crusaders say that consumers have the right to know the content of every product that they purchase from the market. Besides, they also demand that all products that contain GMO ingredients need to be labeled so that consumers are not misled.

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There are quite a number of reasons that people who oppose GMOs have often given during their campaigns. One of them is that genetically modified foods seek to transform food into patented products that are under the control by handful multinational companies that are focused on rubbishing the rights of farmers and consumers.

Complaints against GMOs from other quarters also indicate that they may not be safe for human consumption. Since there are no conclusive studies and research that has been conducted to determine the health risks of genetically modified foods, there are suspicions that genetically modified food may have potential risks on human health. Some have even gone further to allege that ingredients that are modified genetically can cause cancerous infections in humans.

According to a study conducted on genetically modified soya bean with Brazilian nut protein as part of the ingredients, it was established that the soya bean caused an allergy in humans. This study even led to the withdrawal gradescout of the production of the soya bean.

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Some people who are also against the idea of genetically produced organisms express concerns that they infringe religious and cultural beliefs. For instance, fish genes have been added into tomatoes to help in preventing them from freezing even at the lowest temperatures. On the other hand, chicken DNA has also been added to potatoes to hasten their resistance to diseases. This can be an infringement to the religious and even moral beliefs of vegetarians since they can never be sure that their vegetables are free from meat. On the other hand, it is also viewed by other religious adherents that the process of altering DNA of various plants and organisms is like trying to discredit God.

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