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GED Essay Topics

As usual education institutions do not release the topics which they offer to write an essay at the 45 minute exam. Thought it is known that the topics are of general interest and do not require prior research to be done. You will have to simply air your points of view and support them with good examples. You can browse the Internet and search for Steck Vaughn. He is an adult education publisher who offers testing service for teachers.
 Interesting Essay Topics List about an important event

Persuasive Essay Topics:
  • Do you think that boxing should be outlawed?
  • Do you think that immigration (legal) should be stopped?
  • Do you think they should censor the Internet?
  • Do you think they should censor music lyrics?
  • Do you think they should ban handguns?
  • Do you think abortion should be outlawed?
  • Do you think that they should legalize smoking marijuana?
  • Do you think it should be required for all pregnant women to take an AIDS test?
  • Personal Essay Topics
  • Tell about an important event (concert, play, sports event) that you took part in
  • Tell about interesting experience that you have in the past
  • Tall about how your friends (or best friend) influenced your personal views
  • Tell about relationships in your family
  • Have you ever done anything bad? What did it teach you?
  • Have you ever prevent anybody from doing something wrong? What was the result?
  • Tell about the most influential personal in your life.
  • College gradexy Topics
  • At what point of history would you stop if you had an opportunity to travel though time? Why?
  • What move (book, poem, song) influenced you and your views most of all? Explain why.
  • Tell about the best piece of advice you ever received? Did you follow it? Why?
  • If you had to tell about yourself by a one single quotation, what that would be? Explain why.
  • Image that you have just finished your 400-page autobiography. What is the page number 350 all about?
  • Argumentative Essay Topics
  • Do you think global warming is man-made?
  • Do you think that death penalty is an effective punishment?
  • Do you think election process is fair in our country?
  • Is our taxation system fair?
  • Do you think cheating is out of control?
  • Do you think we are too dependent on computers and Internet?
  • Do you think cell phones are dangerous?

We hope the list of essay topics we created above was really helpful for you and you chosen one them you are most interested in to write your paper. Note that you can always contact us and purchase a top-notch custom made essay paper on any topic. We guarantee excellent quality essay writing service.



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